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Milton Creek bird feeding station

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Monday 3 July

Find out about local wildlife at new feeding station

Wildlife watchers can now get up close with some of the dozens of different bird species that call Milton Creek Country Park home.

A feeding station has been set up near Holy Trinity Church, with a viewing screen which allows visitors to watch the birds without disturbing them.

Local wild bird food supplier Unipet International Ltd. has kindly pledged a years’ worth of Suet To Go® products to help keep the station full of tasty treats. Information boards are soon to be installed to help visitors identify the diverse range of species the country park is home to.

Species monitoring walks at the site have identified more than 50 different bird species across the park, ranging from robins, blue tits, and green finches, to kingfisher, marsh harrier and golden eye.

Volunteers from the walking group, church and parkrun are keeping the feeders regularly topped up, and anyone interested in helping can find out more by emailing the park team.

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