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Brown bin - garden waste

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If you have any amount of excess garden waste, it will not be taken by the bin men.

Lids must be closed on the bins in order for the bin men to take and empty.

New users for the brown bin service will be advised of the collection day when placing their order. If you need further information details are available by calling 01795 417888. Once you've registered, you can use our Find your Nearest service to receive information about your property including when your next collection collection is due. To use this service, you need your house name or door number and postcode to hand.

The charge for the service is £35.00 per bin, per year with 26 collections a year. The charge is for the collection service and not for the brown bin. There is no limit on how many bins a household can have.

Please note the cost of an extra bin will be an additional £35.00 per year. For example two brown bins will cost £70.00 per year. People with small gardens can also take part in the brown bin scheme by sharing the cost of the bin with neighbours.

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