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Current consultations

Call for Sites - Strategic Land Availability Assessment/Brownfield Land Register 

The Council is updating its Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) - formerly known as the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment/SHLAA; and preparing a Brownfield Land Register. 

If you have an interest in any potentially suitable development site(s) it is important you respond to this Call for Sites by Friday 15 September 2017, in order that the Council can properly consider and assess your site(s) with regard to its future development requirements. 

As well as potential sites for housing, the Strategic Land Availability Assessment will also seek to identify sites for other uses such as travellers, employment, retail, leisure and tourism, or a mix of these. 

If you have interest in any land over 0.25 hectares in size, or could accommodate 5 or more dwellings, please download Call for Sites Form (184KB). This will need to be fully completed and returned with a site plan - of an appropriate scale - clearly identifying your site and be received by the Local Plans team by Friday 15 September 2017

Please note that while the Council is actively seeking submissions in response to this ‘Call for Sites’ it does not mean your site(s) will be considered suitable for development.

Boughton under Blean Conservation Areas

The three Conservation Areas in Boughton Parish were designated between 1970 and 1976 and have not been formally reviewed since designation. Coinciding with the development of a neighbourhood plan for Boughton and Dunkirk parishes and the need to ensure that the three Conservation Areas justify their ongoing designation status, the Borough Council (in liaison with the Neighbourhood Plan Committee) has prepared a character appraisal and management strategy for each Conservation Area which it is now inviting comments on from interested parties, particularly from residents and businesses located within one of the three areas.

Full details of the consultation are now available.

Land east of Station Road, Teynham - Further Proposed Main Modifications:

Consultation on a proposed amendment to the site access on this site will begin on the 20 February 2017, ending on the 3 April 2017.

This follows a  direction from the Inspector at the recent resumed Local Plan Inquiry.

Please give us your views (from 20 February) on the further proposed main modifications. More detailed information is available on our Planning Policy page.

Consultation Portal

For most of our Local Plan consultations we use an online consultation portal, which has the following advantages:

You can read documents and consultation comments without the need to register. To provide any comments on a current consultation, you need to register before using our consultation portal.

However, you can still choose to send us your comments by email or post to: Planning Policy Manager, Swale Borough Council, East Street, Sittingbourne, ME10 3HT 

Other consultations

The Faversham Neighbourhood Plan consultation closed on the 22 December 2014.

The Queenborough and Rushenden Masterplan consultation closed on the 15 December 2014, but details are still available.

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