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Camp sites

Licences for camping sites.


Car parking permits

About parking permits and how to get them.


Car parks

Information on the car parks in Swale.


Caravan and camp site licences

Licences for caravan and camping sites.


Care homes

Find out about care homes in Swale. (External link to Care home uk)



Information and advice for carers in Kent.



About the cemeteries in Kent.


Cemetery issues

Report a problem with or make an enquiry about a cemetery


Central government

Find out how central government works. (External link to


Certificates for births, deaths and marriages

Order certificates online from Swale Birth Registry.


Chambers of trade and commerce

Find out what the British Chambers of Commerce does. (External link to the BCC)



Find out about the Charity Commission. (External link to the Charity Commission.)


Charity collections

Information on street collections for charities.


Child care

Find out information on childcare. (External link to KCC)


Child protection

About our child protection policy.



Find out information on childcare. (External link to KCC)


Children at risk

How to report suspected child abuse or cruelty. (External link to KCC)


Children in need

Find out about Children in Need. (External link to the BBC)


Children's activities

About youth activities in Swale.


Children's centres

Find out about children's centres in Swale and Kent. (External link to KCC)


Children's homes

Find out about children's homes. (External link to Demelza Hospice Care for Children)



Licences for cinemas.


Citizens Advice Bureaux

About the Citizens Advice Bureau. (External link to the Citizens Advice Bureau.)


Civil partnerships

Find out about civil partnerships and how to get one. (External link to KCC)


Clean air monitoring

Find out about air quality monitoring.


Clinical waste disposal

What is clinical waste and how to dispose of it.


Coastal erosion and protection

Find out about coastal protection in Swale.



Information on cockroaches and how to get rid of them.


Commercial waste disposal

Find out how to dispose of waste if you are a business. (External link to KCC)


Community centres

What are children's centres and where can I find them. (External link to KCC)


Community development

About grants and funding for your communities development. (External link to KCC)


Community grants

Find out about community grants and funding. (External link to KCC)


Community Impact Assessments

Find out about Community Impact Assessments


Community safety

About community safety in Swale.


Community transport

Is there any community transport in Kent. (External link to KCC)


Complain about smoking

Make a complaint about smoking in the workplace or a public place.


Compliments and complaints (council)

How to compliment or complain about us.



Recycling tips including composting. (External link to KCC)


Compulsory purchase

How does compulsory purchase work.


Concessionary fares

Information on concessionary bus fares. (External link to KCC)


Conservation areas

About conservation areas in Swale.



Find out about the electoral service in Swale.


Consumer advice services

Find out about advice for consumers. (External link to Trading Standards)


Consumer protection

Find out about advice for consumers. (External link to Trading Standards)


Controlled parking zones

What are controlled parking zones and how do I get a permit for them.



What is a coroner and what are their role.


Council cabinets

Find out about Swale Borough Council cabinet.


Council contacts and feedback

How do I get in contact with the council.


Council housing

Find out about the housing register.


Council offices

Find out about our council offices and when the open.


Council performance

Find out about how we manage council performance.


Council policies and plans

Find all our strategies, plans and polices.


Council tax

Find out all you need to know about Council Tax in Swale.


Council tax benefit

Find out about Council Tax benefit in Swale.


Council tenancies

Information for tenants living in Swale.


Council vacancies

Find out about job vacancies with the council.



Find out about your local borough Councillors.



Find out about the council.



Find out about counterfeiting. (External link to Trading Standards.)


Country park and woodlands

Report an issue with a country park or woodland area


Country parks

Find out about Country Parks in Swale.



Information on the countryside management partnership.



Find out about crafts in Swale.



Find out about burial plots including cremation.



Information on the community safety partnership and what to do about crime in the community.


Crime and law enforcement

Find out about the Kent Police. (External link to Kent Police)


Crime prevention

Find out about the Kent Police. (External link to Kent Police)



Where can I cycle in Kent.

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