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Our Services : E


Education and skills

Information on education and learning in Kent. (External link to KCC)


Electoral registration

Find out how to register to vote.


Electoral services

Find out about Swale's electoral services.


Emergency phone numbers

Find out how to contact us in an emergency.


Emergency planning

What is emergency planning and how do we do it.


Employment, jobs and careers

Find out about jobs in Swale.


Energy conservation

Find out about energy efficient homes and energy conservation.


Energy efficiency

Find out about energy efficient homes.


Entertainment and events

Find out about leisure activities in Swale.


Entertainment licences

About entertainment licences.



Find out about the environment in Swale.


Environmental health

Find out about environmental health in Swale.


Environmental monitoring

Find out about air quality monitoring.


Environmental sustainability

Information on environmental sustainability.


Equalities and diversity

Find out about equalities in Swale


Equipment for disabled people

What is the grant for and further information.



Have I been evicted illegally.


Extensions to buildings

Do I need planning permission for an extension.

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