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Retailer Shop Radio System - Swale Link

Excluding someone from your premises

This information is for:

  • businesses who have issued offender cards
  • individuals who have received an offender card

Information for businesses

You should call the Police if you see someone showing anti-social behaviour, being abusive to your staff or committing an offence on your premises, including as shop lifting.

If you think you, your staff or your customers are in immediate danger, call 999.

Exclusion notices

If you see someone showing anti-social behaviour or committing a crime on your premises and they’ve already been served with an exclusion notice  , you should:

  • try to take a photograph of them
  • give them an offender card
  • ask them to leave your premises
  • tell the Swale Link coordinator about the incident
  • tell the Police

Once the individual has left, you must complete an incident report and send it to the Crime Manager.

You can upload any photos of the individual and complete an incident report using the Swale Link website.

To get more offender cards, email

Information for individuals

If you’ve been given an exclusion notice or an offender card, you may be able to appeal it.

Information on how to appeal is available on the offender card.