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Making a representation

Under the Licensing Act 2003 any of the 'responsible authorities' (Licensing, Police, Fire Services, Environmental Health amongst the list) or any other ‘person’ is entitled to make a representation in opposition to, or in support of, the following applications:

Representations must be received within:

You can see a list of the existing applications.

Making a representation

If you've considered an application and you believe that one or more of the four licensing objectives listed below, would not be promoted if the application was granted as applied for, please submit a representation by the relevant closing date.

You can submit an representation, ,you'll need to download and complete the representation form (Word 431kb). Once you've complete the form, you can:

To post your representation, send it to:

  • Licensing Team
  • Swale Borough Council
  • Swale House
  • East Street
  • Sittingbourne
  • Kent
  • ME103HT

What happens next

Once we've received your representation we'll carefully considered it so as to ensure that it meets with the statutory requirements. In the event that we believe it may be possible to resolve any concerns you've expressed, then we will enter into mediation between the various parties.

If mediation is:

  • successful, the representation would have to be withdrawn and the licence/certificate would be granted on the basis of the application and subsequent mediation
  • unsuccessful, the application is referred to a hearing of the Licensing Sub-committee to be determined

Unsuccessful mediations

If mediation is unsuccessful, the licensing team compile a report which will include copies of all relevant written representations. The objectors house name or number, email address and telephone number will be redacted from the report.

The applicant along with any party that has submitted a representation is invited to the hearing (any of these parties could be represented by any person whether or not that person is legally qualified) and has the opportunity to address the sub-committee.

Please note that the name and address (excluding house number) of any person that has submitted a representation will ordinarily be disclosed to the applicant and are a matter of public record. Swale Borough Council is unable to accept or take in to account any anonymous representations.

Contacting Licensing

If you wish to discuss a particular application please contact the Licensing Team at Swale Borough Council:

  • write to us at Licensing Team, Swale Borough Council, Swale House, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3HT
  • call us on 01795 417286 
  • email the licensing team at
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