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Houses in Multiple Occupation licensing changes

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Monday 30 July

From Monday 1 October 2018, licensing for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is changing.

From 1 October, you'll need to apply for a HMO licence if:

It's recommended that you apply for a licence now to ensure you do not commit an offence following the change on 1 October.

Temporary Exemption

You must apply for a Temporary Exemption Notice before 1 October if you intend to:

If your application for a Temporary Exemption Notice is successful, it'll last for a maximum of three months, instead of a full licence. You may apply for a secondary notice after this period however, if the issue is still not resolved after this notice runs out then you must apply for a HMO licence.

More advice

If you have any questions about the HMO licencing changes, you can contact our Private Sector Housing Team on 01795 417538 or by email at

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