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Litter heroes at the ready for Swale spring clean

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Tuesday 27 February

Swale volunteers are preparing for a month of spring cleaning

Events planned for 2-4 March have been postponed due to the severe weather conditions. We will share an updated schedule of events as soon as possible.

We are once again supporting community groups and local people to take part in the Great British Spring Clean. Last year, volunteers collected more than 440 bags of rubbish at clean-ups across the borough.

Now in its second year, the Keep Britain Tidy initiative sees litter heroes across the country come together to clean up their areas. In Swale, volunteers will be taking to creek banks, beaches and village greens to pick up litter thoughtlessly discarded by others.

We'll be working with local residents’ associations, schools and community groups to equip those taking part with rubbish bags and litter pickers. We're also arranging for the borough’s waste disposal contractor, Biffa, to pick up collected litter once the volunteers have done their work.

The official campaign takes place from 2-4 March, but in Swale events are scheduled to run throughout the month. So far, we're supporting 23 planned clean-up events throughout March.

Any residents or community groups who would like to get involved still have time to organise a clean-up: email or call 01795 417133 for more information.

Cllr David Simmons, cabinet member for environment and rural affairs, said: "We’re delighted that so many local people are once again taking part in the Great British Spring Clean and are coming together to show their pride in the borough.

"However, we wish that campaigns like this didn’t have to exist. Those who refuse to take responsibility for their rubbish should be ashamed that their neighbours feel compelled to take to the streets to tidy up after them."

Our support for the initiative is part of its wider anti-littering efforts, which include issuing more fixed penalty notices (FPNs) to litterers and bringing education sessions into local schools.

A new campaign, covering all kinds of littering and related offences, has also launched this year. The Cleaner Thinking campaign, which has already reached many thousands of people with messages about fly-tipping prevention, will continue to share messages about different offences as the year progresses.

More information about our efforts to tackle litter can be found here:


Getting involved

Some of the events planned to take place are closed, as the clean-ups are being led by schoolchildren.

However, most of the events will be open to volunteers.

To find out more about the campaign and to see the events map, visit the Keep Britain Tidy website.

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