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£85,000 bid for Barton’s Point

Published Tuesday 25 October, 2022
Last updated on Tuesday 25 October, 2022

Swale Borough Council has submitted a bid for £85,000 from the Government’s Levelling Up Parks Fund to make improvements at Barton’s Point Coastal Park.

The bid outlines the council’s plans to plant trees, install new signs and seating, reduce erosion along the edge of the lake and tarmac the entrance to the car park.

If the bid is accepted, tree planting will be done this winter, and the rest of the work completed by spring next year.

Cllr Julian Saunders, chair of the environment committee at the council, said:

“We’ve submitted our bid to make Barton’s Point Coastal Park more accessible and easier for visitors to enjoy.

“We want to install new wayfinding signs around the park, helping people move around more of the park to enjoy walks and bike trails.

“We also hope to plant 20 trees, reduce erosion at the edge of the salt water lake, and tarmac the entrance of the car park.

“Thousands of people visit Barton’s Point each year and it’s important to us that we make improvements to make it an enjoyable space for everyone.”

Cllr Tim Valentine, vice chair of the environment committee at the council, said:

“Barton’s Point is a wonderful coastal park right on our doorstep.

“It already boasts water sports, cycle routes and the Boathouse café, and we want to get as much funding as we can to help us to take it to a Green Flag status.

“Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park often receives the green flag award, and we received our first one at Milton Creek Country Park this year. Next on our list is Barton Point.

“There’s lots of work already planned for Barton’s point, including a new toilet and shower facility to replace the old one near the Boathouse Café, and the Sheppey Sea Cadets are planning a new headquarters for their training courses with sleeping accommodation.

“We also installed a new bridge last year between the park and Queensborough Lines scheduled ancient monument.”