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Beach hut policy consultations

Published Monday 2 October, 2023
Last updated on Monday 2 October, 2023

People are being asked their views on how Swale Borough Council builds, manages and maintains beach huts.

The council’s draft beach hut policy sets out how new beach huts could be provided, while making sure the current ones are maintained to a high standard.

There are currently 55 beach huts on the Isle of Sheppey which have become an important part of Swale’s coastal identity, offering a unique and satisfying way to enjoy the beautiful beaches.

The existing beach huts are located at Minster Leas and Leysdown, with more planned in future to help meet the high demand for beach huts on the island.

People can currently buy a beach hut and pay an annual ground rent to the council, where the owner would be responsible for all upkeep of the hut. There is also the option to rent a beach hut, with the council being responsible for the structural repairs, and the renter being responsible for the general upkeep such as painting.

The draft policy proposes shorter-term renting options such as weekly hires as offered by other local authorities to make them more accessible to local people.

Cllr Monique Bonney chair of the Regeneration and Property Committee said:

“We are proud of our coastal heritage and strive to offer the best facilities possible for local residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

“And the beach huts across our coast are an important part of that, offering a great space for friends and families to meet and enjoy our amazing beaches.

“With this new ambitious policy, we hope to increase the amount of beach huts and improve the maintenance of the ones we have, enhancing our beaches, coastal and country paths and open spaces.”

The consultation will take place for 8 weeks from 02 October to 26 November.

Follow this link to give your say:

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