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Low cost, low emissions car club coming to Faversham

Published Tuesday 29 March, 2022
Last updated on Tuesday 29 March, 2022

A low cost, low emissions car club is coming to Faversham.

Swale Borough Council is launching a three-year trial of a local car club in Faversham to help people get convenient access to cleaner vehicles, without the expense and hassle of ownership.

For as little as £3 an hour, Hiyacar will provide low emission vehicles on a pay as you go system with online booking where users can sign up for free.

Members will be able to access the vehicles using Hiyacar’s keyless QuickStart technology, via the Hiyacar app, and the rental price includes car cleaning, maintenance and management information and are all covered by Hiyacar’s bespoke insurance.

Cllr Tim Valentine, cabinet member for the climate and ecological emergency at the council, said:

“We’re delighted to be trialling a three-year car club with Hiyacar in Faversham.

“They offer users an affordable, pay as you go alternative to car ownership. Car sharing also improves air quality and encourages members to walk and cycle more often.

“Members who drive less than 6- 8,000 miles annually could save up to £3,500 a year by using the car club.

“With more than 44 per cent of people in Faversham saying they would be interested in using a car club locally, we’re excited to see how the trial goes.

“Initially members will be able to choose from three hybrid cars from two locations in Faversham town centre, and following the installation of a dedicated EV charger point, a fully electric car will replace one of the hybrids.

“The trial starts next month, and at the end of the three years, we intend for the car club to be self-financing and to continue as part of our plans for more active travel options in Faversham.

Graeme Risby, CEO at Hiyacar, said:

"We’re incredibly excited about the launch of this car club featuring hybrid and electric vehicles.

“Hiyacar is proud to be offering residents of Faversham affordable access to low emission vehicles, we're excited to see the car club get underway and its inevitable growth and success."

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