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Cllr Cameron Beart

Published Wednesday 25 January, 2023
Last updated on Tuesday 2 May, 2023

We are sad to hear that Cllr Cameron Beart has passed away.

Cllr Beart was the ward councillor for Queenborough and Halfway since 2015 and had been an active member of a number of the committees such as scrutiny, planning, the Swale Joint Transportation Board and the community committee. He also serves as the chair of licensing committee and vice chair of the Sheppey Area Committee.

Crr Alan Horton, leader of the opposition, said:

"This has come as a huge shock to all who knew him, and my thoughts are with his family and friends as they try to come to terms with the news.

"Cllr Beart was a proud local councillor and was a strong advocate for Queenborough and Halfway, and the Island.

In his too-short time as a councillor he made a significant contribution to the local community and whilst we will mourn his loss, we will remember how deeply he touched our lives and the legacy he has left behind."

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