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Funding for cost of living crisis

Published Thursday 3 November, 2022
Last updated on Thursday 3 November, 2022

Swale Borough Council has made £30,000 available to support the work local organisations are doing to keep people warm, fed and connected this winter.

A cost-of-living working group that includes food banks, charities, community groups, libraries, faith groups, advice services, water and energy providers, and local councillors and MPs has been set up to provide a coordinated response to the crisis, making sure the right support gets to the right people.

Cllr Richard Palmer, chair of the community committee at the council, said:

“We’ve had a positive response from the local organisations we’ve been working with.

“We plan to provide the money local organisations need to support our most vulnerable residents and some ideas include warm spaces, warm packs with a hot water bottle, hat, scarf and gloves, food support and help with Christmas present donations.

“Now that we’ve made £30,000 available, the next step is for organisations to finalise their ideas on what funding they need, how they plan to use it, and then to bid for the money.”

Cllr Elliott Jayes, vice chair of the community committee at the council, said:

“When we receive Government funding, we must follow their guidance and criteria, so by allocating our own funding, we get to set the criteria, and make sure that services receive the support they need.

“If you’re a local organisation, charity or community group that has ideas on how we can support our most vulnerable residents this winter, I urge you to get in touch.

“Bringing together the key organisations in Swale, we can deliver a coordinated response that reaches the people who need it.”

To join the cost of living working group, email

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