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Neglected springer spaniel found in Iwade

Published Friday 29 January, 2021
Last updated on Friday 29 January, 2021

Swale Borough Council are urging anyone who might have information about a white and brown springer spaniel that was found in Iwade to come forward.

The female spaniel - now named Delilah - is approximately four or five years old and was found on School Lane in Iwade Wednesday (27 Jan) evening.

Delilah ran down School Lane and jumped into a waiting car that was parked with its door open. The driver then contacted the council’s dog warden service who went to collect the friendly girl.

Delilah is unchipped and nothing is known about her or her owner.

She has been woefully neglected and appears to have very recently given birth to a litter of puppies. She had a prolapsed uterus and is still producing milk.

If Delilah has been used for illegal breeding, the safety of her puppies is a concern.

As soon as Delilah needed medical attention she was of no use and has been discarded. She is also suffering from a double ear infection, badly cared for teeth and an infestation of worms.

The desire for people to get a pet dog has increased in the past year as everybody spends more time at home, but this has also pushed up the level of crime and neglect of animals as criminals rush to trade in puppies to sell for thousands of pounds.

People’s pets are being stolen by gangs for breeding who then discard them once they are no longer useful. This appears to be the case for Delilah.

Thankfully she is in a safe place now, is recovering well from emergency surgery and will be cared for at a foster home.

Anybody looking to add a puppy to their family must only using genuine, licensed breeders. With the current restrictions in place, make sure you see proof of the puppies and mum together, where they’re living and how they are being cared for.

Genuine breeders will be happy do this via video calls. There are lots of video calling platforms available and buyers can insist on live video updates of the puppy with their mum before committing to buy.

Dogs like Delilah can be the reality of inadvertently funding the criminally run puppy trade that neglects many female dogs who are continuously pregnant.

Not only is it the breeding dogs that are neglected, but the puppies are likely to be poorly cared for and removed from their mother too early leaving their new owner with lots of future vet’s bills.

If anyone has any information about Delilah or her owners call on 01795 417850.