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I voted yesterday. What’s next?

Published Friday 7 May, 2021
Last updated on Friday 7 May, 2021

If you voted yesterday and want to know what happens next, you’re in the right place.

Here you can find out when and where the counts are taking place, what time you can expect results for the six different elections, and where to find the results for each one.

Elections took place yesterday for six electoral divisions of Kent County Council (KCC), Kent Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Swale Borough Council’s by-election for Sheerness Ward, and Faversham Town Council’s by-elections for Abbey Ward, Priory Ward and Watling Ward.

We are counting votes for the KCC election, as well as the by-elections of Swale Council’s Sheerness Ward, and Faversham Town Council’s Abbey Ward, Priory Ward and Watling Ward.

The count is being held at the Swallows Leisure Centre in Sittingbourne on Friday 7 May and will start at 12.30pm. Votes for the KCC election will be counted first, followed by the votes for the by-elections in Sheerness and Faversham.

Results for these five elections will be available as they happen from Friday afternoon on our results page.

Votes for the PCC election will be counted at the Swallows on Monday 10 May at will also start at 12.30pm.

Results for this election can be found on Dartford Council’s election page.

For more information about the candidates, visit our elections page.