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Swale resident fined £400 for fly-tipping in Shellness Road car park in Leysdown

Published Friday 5 March, 2021
Last updated on Friday 5 March, 2021

A man has been fined £400 for fly-tipping household clearance waste in Shellness Road car park in Leysdown.

The fly-tipping incident, which saw mattresses, bed bases and household furniture left in Shellness Road car park, was initially reported to Swale Borough Council on 22 February after with CCTV footage showed the vehicle dumping part if its substantial load.

The man was then caught as part of a police operation including the council’s environmental enforcement officer in Sittingbourne on Saturday 27 February. The operation targeted those not wearing seatbelts, using their phones, those carrying out speeding or driving offences and vehicles carrying waste.

The council’s officer recognised the number plate of the vehicle from the CCTV footage and the police pulled the driver over.

The driver admitted under caution that it was his vehicle and the waste was his, although stated that it was accidental as it came off the rear of his over-loaded vehicle.

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £400 was issued to the driver and he was warned about overloading of his vehicle and not securing the waste.

Cllr Julian Saunders, cabinet member for the environment at the council, said:

“This is a huge success for our team. Thanks to the joint efforts of our officer and the police, we were able to link the two crimes together resulting in an on the spot fine being issued.

“It was thanks to the vigilance and hard work of our wardens, officers and residents that we were able to quickly resolve this slightly unusual case. There is never an excuse for fly-tipping.

“Even if a waste carrier has all the correct licences, it is their legal duty to ensure that the loads they are carrying are correctly secured and that their vehicles are not overloaded. This is not just to prevent accidental fly-tipping but to also keep the public and other road users safe.

“Our environmental team are working hard to find those who fly-tip in Swale to help keep our borough safe and tidy for everyone.

“By dumping your waste, you risk receiving an on the spot FPN of £400 for fly-tipping and £150 for littering.”

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