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Food Waste collection trial to start in Marine Town

Published Tuesday 8 February, 2022
Last updated on Tuesday 8 February, 2022

Swale council is introducing food waste collections for Marine Town residents as part of a three month trial.

The pilot starts on 28 February 2022 and will include Wellesley Road, Unity Street and Berridge Road. The scheme is in response to many Marine Town residents requesting the service be introduced. The weekly food waste collections will be on the same day as waste and recycling collections.

Residents will be provided with a 23 litre food waste bin and a 5 litre silver caddy for inside the kitchen. These will be delivered at least one week prior to the first collection date.

Councillor Julian Saunders, cabinet member for environment, said:

“While the majority of residents in Swale are already offered this service, this trial is an important step in being able to offer the service to every resident.

“Around 30 per cent of all rubbish thrown away is food waste, but having a food waste bin really helps cut this down.

“Food waste recycling helps you see what food is going to waste each week and it gives you the opportunity to adjust, which saves money and makes the most of the food you are buying.

“It is important to separate the food waste from other waste as the food placed in these bins will be sent to a site in Kent that generates renewable energy and bio-fertiliser.”

To help cut down on food waste, district councils in England will be required to offer kerbside food waste recycling collections to all residents over the next few years. Most residents in the borough are already provided with this service and this trial will help bring Marine Town in line with the rest of Swale.

If you are not yet signed up to weekly food waste collections, call 01795 417888. Food waste bins are provided for free to residents and they are a key step towards reaching our net zero carbon targets.