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Leader responds to Plan B and booster programme

Published Thursday 16 December, 2021
Last updated on Thursday 16 December, 2021

Following the government’s activation of Plan B, and the push to offer vaccine boosters to the entire adult population by the end of the month, the leader of Swale Borough Council said:

“If we want the Christmases that we have all planned, we need to take the sort of care that Plan B calls for, and we need the booster vaccine programme to succeed.

“Whilst many in Swale cannot work from home, those that can, should, to help minimise the chances of infection. We need to wear our face coverings where required and if we are visiting very crowded venues it is not unreasonable, for the safety of all, to prove either our vaccine or testing status.

“We have been told how quickly the infection is spreading, and that the pressure on hospitals and care homes is growing. The number of hospital inpatients is rising, though thankfully not yet to the previous high levels.

“To try to prevent an unmanageable spike in admissions, vaccinations are being delivered at a rapid rate, but the target set by the Prime Minister in his TV broadcast is challenging.

“There are inevitably logistical problems, principally accessing sites and also achieving the staffing needed. Whilst there have been shortages in some parts of county, I am pleased that say: vaccine capacity is being increased on Sheppey and the local NHS should be confirming details shortly.

“Council officers continue to offer support to our colleagues in the health service, and we are working to help the most vulnerable in our community who are most impacted by the pandemic.

“Only a few months ago, we talked of ‘life after Covid’. Sadly, we are not there yet, and we will need to learn to live with this disease. Realistically this means from time to time accepting regulations that we would have found perverse before this pandemic struck us all.”