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Contract to keep our streets clean of litter and dog mess could be awarded

Published Wednesday 3 February, 2021
Last updated on Wednesday 3 February, 2021

Councillors are being asked to approve the award of a three-year enforcement service contract to LA Support Ltd.

If agreed, LA Support Ltd (a subsidiary of Kingdom Services group) will challenge anybody who drops litter or does not clean up after their dog.

The contractors - who have provided the service since it began in 2016 - have already issued more than 7,500 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) and helped the council prosecute 460 offenders for littering and dog fouling who did not pay their FPN.

If approved, they will deliver the enforcement service for three years – with an option to extend a further two.

Cllr Julian Saunders, cabinet member for environment at the council, said:

“Local residents want to live and work in clean neighbourhoods, and consistently ask us to take action against the small number of thoughtless people who drop litter and don’t pick up after their dogs.

“This enforcement service is fully self-financing, meaning law-abiding residents won’t have to pay the costs for the service.

“In addition, any extra income we receive that exceeds the cost of paying for the service is used for environmental grants and other improvements around the borough.

“Last year we installed cameras at fly-tipping hotspots to catch people in the act who are ruining our countryside.

“People who drop litter and do not clean up after their dog create an unpleasant environment for everyone. If approved, LA Support Ltd can continue to help us keep our streets clean by challenging anyone who does this with a £150 FPN for littering and £100 FPN for dog fouling on the spot.”

The contract will be discussed at the cabinet meeting Wednesday, 10 February and the full agenda can be found here.