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Contractor agreed to install new equipment at Millfield play area in Faversham

Published Thursday 17 March, 2022
Last updated on Thursday 17 March, 2022

Millfield play area in Faversham will be transformed into a fun, engaging park for children and young people.

Councillors have approved a £155,000 makeover at the park after receiving bids from specialist play equipment contractors to carry out the work.

The existing equipment – which was installed in 1989 - will be removed, and new toddler, junior and teen equipment will be installed. There will also be new fencing and gates, and safer surfacing will be installed, along with an accessible path, picnic bench and bin.

Cllr Angela Harrison, cabinet member for health and wellbeing at the council, said:

“Apart from some minor works more than 20 years ago, the park is pretty much as it was in 1989 and it’s becoming more and more expensive to maintain.

“The equipment was tired and wasn’t really offering the local community what they deserve.

“When we’ve been working to improve local parks over the last few years, we have tried to make sure we reuse or improve any equipment that still has value, but Millfield needs a complete overhaul.”

Cllr Hannah Perkin, deputy cabinet member for health and wellbeing at the council, said:

“The new equipment and improvements to the area will make it an engaging and fun place for families and will include accessible equipment so children with disabilities are able to have fun with their friends.

“We have been able to pay for the works from money Kent County Council received from the government to help encourage people to get back to normal after Covid, and section 106 contributions from local developments.”

The works are expected to start in June and are scheduled to take eight weeks to complete.