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Motorbike users urged to ride responsibly

Published Thursday 20 August, 2020
Last updated on Friday 25 September, 2020

The small minority of motorbike users who are riding irresponsibly are being reminded by Swale Borough Council that they risk having their bikes seized by police.

Despite most people staying safe at home, local police have seen an increase in section 59 warnings being issued as some motorbike users are riding dangerously through parks and green spaces.

Cllr Richard Palmer, cabinet member for community at the council, said:

“While most youths have been staying safe at home and being a credit to the community, there are unfortunately a minority group that are behaving in a way that is not only unlawful but irresponsible.

“Joyriding in our green spaces is selfish antisocial behaviour that puts people’s lives at risk.

“People who are enjoying their daily exercise do not want to be intimidated or harassed by irresponsible and unlawful motorbike use.

“Police have issued a number of section 59 warnings recently, so if these motorbike users are found riding recklessly again, their vehicle can be seized and impounded.

“The country is banding together to support one another and it’s a shame that the reckless few are endangering their own and others’ lives.

“I urge anyone who encounters this antisocial behaviour to report them to the police.”

To report the incident call 101 or visit to use the online reporting tool or live chat portal.