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Music equipment seized by Swale Borough Council

Published Wednesday 14 October, 2020
Last updated on Thursday 5 November, 2020

A Sittingbourne resident has had their music equipment seized by Swale Borough Council after continuously flouting anti-social behaviour laws.

Council officers visited the home alongside the police to seize the equipment on Friday, 9 October after receiving continuous noise complaints since March.

Cllr Tim Valentine, cabinet member for the environment at the council, said:

“We received noise complaints from a number of distressed residents who were subjected to very loud music throughout the day and into the night for the past six months.

“After receiving the first complaints in March, we advised the residents to record the music on The Noise App which allows people to record evidence and report noise nuisance directly to our officers

“We also sent two letters to the occupant and our officers visited the residence and witnessed the noise on three separate occasions.

“The occupant was served with a community protection warning and subsequent community protection notice following further complaints, as well as a fixed penalty notice.

“Despite numerous conversations with the occupants the noise nuisance continued so we applied for a seizure warrant which was granted by Folkestone Magistrates Court.

“The occupants music equipment - four speakers, two amplifiers and disc player - was seized last Friday and will be held for 30 days while we consider our next steps.

“The community really came together this year during lockdown and it’s disappointing that nearby residents suffered because of one person’s thoughtless actions.

“We will support any residents whose wellbeing is threatened due to the anti-social behaviour of their neighbours and encourage people to contact us for help and advice.”

For more information about how to report anti-social behaviour visit