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Waste Carriers targeted in crackdown on fly tipping

Published Thursday 31 March, 2022
Last updated on Thursday 31 March, 2022

Waste Carriers were targeted this week as part of a day of action to crackdown on fly tipping. Swale Borough Council teamed up with Kent Police’s Rural Task Force to carry out enquiries, arrest people suspected of fly tipping, seize vehicles and collate evidence with a view to prosecuting offenders for waste related crimes.

Outcomes from the day were:

  • 9 vehicles stopped and searched
  • 4 Fixed Penalty Notices issued
  • 1 vehicle seized.

Cllr Julian Saunders, cabinet member for environment at the council, said:

“We had a successful day of action on Tuesday to crackdown on fly tipping.

“Our officers drove around Swale with Kent Police pulling over vehicles carrying waste to ensure the drivers had the correct waste carrier license and transfer notes.

“They stopped nine vehicles, issued four FPNs and the police seized a vehicle that didn’t have any road tax.

“Of the nine vehicles pulled over, three of them were issued FPNs for not having the correct waste carrier license and transfer notes for the waste they were carrying which is unacceptable.

“It is the waste carrier’s responsibility to have the correct license to carry waste and maintain the right documents for each load, but it is also the responsibility of any residents and businesses using these unlicensed waste carriers.

“When they come to collect your household waste, you must check that they have the correct license and intend to dispose of it responsibly. We don’t want it dumped along our country lanes and seaside towns.

“If evidence is found that leads back to you, you can receive an on the spot fine of up to £400, so always ask to see a waste carriers license before using them.

“We’re cracking down on fly tipping and will make an example of anyone we find to be carrying waste illegally.”

More and more of these action days are taking place across the County. A tremendous amount of preparation takes place ahead of these days, including the gathering of vital intelligence to support the Council’s Enforcement team with their duties.

What can you do to dispose of your waste responsibly?

Fly tippers often target households via social media or local advertising, luring customers in with cheap rates to dispose of unwanted furniture, building rubble or garden waste. However, these unlicensed waste carriers often simply dump the waste where ever they can get away with it, including in Kent’s country lanes. Householders or small businesses found to be using criminals to dispose of their waste can and are being prosecuted by local authorities in Kent with fixed penalty notices that go up to £400 per offence.  Failure to pay such an FPN may result in court action where fines can be significantly larger.

To prevent this, householders should check whether someone is licenced to carry waste by visiting the Environment Agency website below, or alternatively call 03708 506506. It also helps if householders receive a written receipt or transfer note, including contact details, description of waste removed and details of where the waste is being taken to.

The 13 Kent councils, along with Kent Police, are working in partnership to Keep Kent Clean. To keep updated with the councils’ efforts to tackle fly tipping and littering, follow #KeepKentClean.