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12 play areas around the borough to be refurbished

Published Tuesday 6 July, 2021
Last updated on Tuesday 6 July, 2021

Children and parents will soon be able to enjoy revamped and freshly painted play areas around the borough this summer thanks to a £28,000 investment from Swale Borough Council.

The council has committed the money to rub down and repaint any worn-out items in the play areas, replace any broken or damaged bins, benches and flooring, and upgrade any fixtures in need of a new lease of life.

The project will refurb 12 play areas and will be carried out in two phases, the first one starting this month to be completed in time for the summer holidays. Phase two will take place in mid-September once the children go back to school.

Cllr Angela Harrison, cabinet member for health and fitness at the council, said:

“We’ll be refurbishing four play areas in Sittingbourne, four on Sheppey, three in Faversham, and one in Boughton in two phases this summer and autumn.

“We’ll be rubbing down and refreshing any worn-out paint, replacing damaged furniture and flooring, and upgrading any tired fixtures such as swing chains and rope bridges.

“Each play area will be closed for a few days while work is in progress, with each phase taking just a couple of weeks.

“We’ll be refurbing the play areas at the King George’s Playing Field and Chiltern Avenue play area in Sittingbourne, King George’s Playing Field (The Mount) in Faversham, Colonel’s Lane in Boughton, Vincent Gardens in Sheerness and Second Avenue in Rushenden during the first phase.

“And Grove Park and Rose Walk in Sittingbourne, Lower Road and Sumpter Way in Faversham, Chilham Close in Sheerness and Anne Boleyn Close in Eastchurch during the second phase.

“We’ll also be installing new goal posts in the Sumpter Way play area in Faversham, as well as trialling new anti-vandal basketball hoops.

“This funding is separate from our usual maintenance budget that we use to keep our play equipment in good order and to replace or repair any equipment that is vandalised. This funding is for preventative action that will help reduce breakdowns, stop corrosion, and improve the appearance of the equipment and play area for everyone to enjoy. It will also save us money in the long run.

“We want residents to enjoy the wonderful parks and play areas the borough has to offer, and it is our responsibility to keep those as inviting as possible.”