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Public consultation begins for proposed boundary changes in Queenborough

Published Wednesday 10 August, 2022
Last updated on Tuesday 2 May, 2023

People living in Lucas Close, Queenborough could become part of Queenborough Town Council instead of Sheerness Town Council if changes to local boundaries are agreed.

Councillors discussed the possibility of amending the boundary at a council meeting after double the number of respondents to a public consultation were in favour of reviewing the current boundary.

People can now have their say on the proposal to move Queenborough Town Council’s boundary north from Moat Way to Brielle Way (A249), to include Lucas Close, in the second public consultation. The five-week consultation starts today and runs until Friday, 16 September.

Reviewing the Tonge parish boundary line that runs through the Great Easthall housing estate was also discussed, but following public consultation earlier this year, more than 90 per cent of respondents stated they wanted to remain in Tonge.

Cllr Richard Palmer, chair of the community committee at the council, said:

“Carrying out community governance reviews of parish and town boundaries is part of our day-to-day work.

“As topography changes and housing development moves forward, we can sometimes end up with boundaries that no longer make any sense, leaving neighbours having different parishes or streets in one town belonging to the next town along.

“We went to public consultation on the proposed changes that would tidy up boundaries in Queenborough and Tonge in May.

“Two-thirds of respondents supported a review of boundary line in Queenborough, and so we’ll move to the next stage which is a second public consultation.

“Local people in Tonge were clear that they did not support a boundary review, and wanted to remain in Tonge, so the boundary will remain the same.

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