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Councillors asked to approved funding for Coronation Clock Tower in Sheerness

Published Monday 15 March, 2021
Last updated on Monday 15 March, 2021

Councillors are being asked to approve funding to repair the Coronation Clock Tower in Sheerness High Street.

The iconic clock was fenced off last month after an inspection of the structure found several serious defects internally and externally, including some areas towards the top of the tower with multiple fractures.

Next week, Swale Council’s cabinet will be asked to approve plans to fund the necessary repairs and carry out the work with specialist restorers.

If approved, one possible option being explored would be to disassemble the clock tower and transport it to a warehouse for repairs to the dial, hands, and clock mechanism. New iron sections would need to be cast to replace the damaged areas, and the existing paintwork would need to be removed before being fully restored and transported back to Sheerness for reinstallation.

In addition to the works to the clock itself, there would need to be more permanent hoardings at the site, the power supply would need disconnecting and the seating at the rear of the tower would need to be removed and reinstated after the tower is returned to the site.

Cllr Monique Bonney, cabinet member for economy and property at the council said:

“We want to carry out improvements to our town centres, and we know Sheerness will benefit from our planned investment.

“What we hoped would be a simple repainting job has become something more substantial, but we want to fix it properly, not paint over the cracks.

“This is specialist work, and unfortunately it will be some time before the clock is back to looking it’s best in the town again, but when it is, it will be in better condition that it has been for a long time.”

The plans are being discussed at a meeting of the council’s cabinet on Wednesday, 17 March, and the report about the proposals can be viewed on the council’s website.