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Temporary bridge to be removed to help nesting swans

Published Thursday 1 April, 2021
Last updated on Thursday 1 April, 2021

Swale Borough Council is removing the temporary bridge at Barton’s Point Coastal Park to protect the local swans during nesting season.

The floating pontoon bridge is creating an obstacle for the swans, resulting in them walking across the park towards the lake where they are very vulnerable to attack by foxes and dogs.

Last summer, all the cygnets were killed, so the council has decided to remove the bridge to protect the swans during nesting season.

The bridge will be removed, with assistance from the Sea Cadets, on Tuesday, 6 April.

Signs have been installed at the bridge informing visitors of the removal date and suggesting an alternative route via Marine Parade.

The temporary bridge was installed in February 2020 after the original damaged bridge was removed.

The permanent replacement bridge design is currently awaiting approval from Historic England due to the Queenborough Lines being a scheduled ancient monument.

The new bridge design will allow the swans to swim under the bridge which removes the need for them to walk across the park.

Barton’s Point has a flourishing swan population that typically nests between April and July every year and the council is serious about supporting the local environment and encouraging the local wildlife to thrive.