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Take part in the waste and street cleansing survey

Published Monday 8 March, 2021
Last updated on Monday 29 March, 2021

People can now take part in Swale Borough Council’s waste and street cleansing survey.

The survey gives people the opportunity to tell the council how the waste and street cleansing service can be improved before the current 10-year contract ends in October 2023, and will help guide the council’s future contracts.

The service is responsible for how residents’ bins are collected, how often the streets are cleaned, and how littering and fly-tipping offences are tackled.

The survey asks whether people prefer mixed or separated recycling, if the streets are being cleaned often enough, and if vehicles that reduce the impact on the climate are important to them.

The council wants to know if residents are happy with their bin collection, if the roads are being cleaned enough, and if they're tough enough on fly-tipping and littering offences.

One of the questions is if residents could pick one thing that is that most needs improvement - what would that be?

“With the contract coming up for renewal  the council's goal is to offer a green and energy efficient service that helps us meet the borough's climate and ecological emergency obligations, while delivering a reliable service for residents in the most cost-effective way.”

The waste and street cleansing survey is open until 19 April.

To take part visit