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Sheerness Community Governance Review

Published Thursday 20 August, 2020
Last updated Thursday 20 August, 2020

A 635-signature petition was handed to Swale Borough Council, asking for a town council to be setup for Sheerness. This triggered a Community Governance Review which looks at the way in which individuals and groups within the community are listened to and able to influence decisions that affect them. You can visit our Community Governance Review FAQ to find out more.

Councillors agreed the terms of reference for the review on the 13 December 2017 and consultations with affected households and interested parties have taken place. You can view the reports and minutes to see how the decision was reached.

Latest News

23 November 2018

The Swale Borough Council (Community Governance) Order 2018 relating to Sheerness Town Council has now been made and will come into effect on 1 April 2019. The Order together with the maps showing the changes are available for inspection during normal office hours at the Council offices in Sittingbourne.

13 June 2018

Following the second consultation in May, Council considered whether to create a Town Council for Sheerness at this meeting on 13 June 2018.

At the Council meeting, the following was agreed:

  • A new parish area be created for Sheerness (this is to be the same areas as the Borough Ward of Sheerness);
  • The new parish area should have a parish council;
  • The new parish council should be an alternative style and be known as Sheerness Town Council;
  • Sheerness Town Council comprise of 9 Members, with the first elections to take place in May 2019
  • The Council considered that the establishment of the Town Council would meet the criteria in the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, in that it will be reflective of the identities and interests of the community in that area, and effective and convenient, and will have a positive impact on community cohesion.

What happens next?

Elections for Sheerness Town Councillors will be held in May 2019 at the same time as Borough, Parish and Town Council elections. IF you are interested in standing as a candidate, there is a nomination process. It is too early to apply at this time but you can read about the process and more information on the Electoral Commission's website.

What area will the town council cover?

Sheerness Town Council will cover the area highlighted in blue on the map below.

Sheerness Town Council coverage

The area that will be covered by Sheerness Town Council

How much will a town council cost?

Town council's are paid for by adding an additional charge to the council tax for each property in the affected area. This additional charge is known as a precept.

As an indication, the additional cost of existing town and parish councils in Swale currently ranges between £15.05 and £83.54 per year for a council tax band D property, which is an average of £40 per year, or 77 pence per week for each household. There are two town councils in the borough, Faversham and Queenborough, and the precepts for those are £53.06 for Faversham town council and £83.54 for Queenborough town council. The town council will decide the precept each year.


Council meeting 13 June 2018 – this report presents the results of the second consultation and asks the Council to consider the responses and make a decision. This is where the decision was taken to set up a town council for Sheerness (see Minute No. 63).

Council meeting 21 March 2018 – this report presents the results of the first consultation and asks the Council to agree draft recommendations, for further consultation (see Minute No. 555).

Council meeting 13 December 2017 – this agreed the terms of reference for the review and the consultation plan (see Minute No. 395).

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