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Realising Ambitions for Swale

The predecessor to this document, Ambitions for Swale, was published in 2009 as the borough's sustainable community strategy. Since then, the country has experienced a period of financial crisis and recession from which recovery remains uncertain and which has ushered in a period of unprecedented fiscal restraint. This has had a major impact on many Locality Board partners, in terms both of reduced funding and increased demand for services.

We knew when we published our Ambitions for Swale nearly three years ago that ours was a long-term vision, and one that would require sustained focus and strong partnership working across organisations and sectors to realise. We are proud of what we and our partners have achieved since then, including some key pieces of vital infrastructure, and being much further along the road to a regenerated Town Centre for Sittingbourne.

Still, there is a long way to go. This updated document sets out the Locality Board's shared long-term priorities, along with the key actions that will shape our joint working between now and 2015. It is therefore both a long-term vision for the borough and a roadmap for working in partnership in the medium term. It has been developed and agreed jointly by all the organisations represented at some level in the Swale Locality Board's partnership structure, and is thus truly a vision and a strategy for the whole of the borough.

Front cover - Realising our ambitions for Swale