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Hire a Hall

Queenborough Guildhall, Queenborough

Queenborough Guildhall is available to hire for seven days a week in sessions. You can choose from:

  • a morning session
  • an afternoon session
  • an evening session, which can last up to 10pm

A session is a minimum of four hours.

Queenborough Guildhall is off the High Street, Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey.


There are no dedicated parking spaces available at Queenborough Guildhall. You will need to find suitable parking instead.


Queenborough Guildhall includes:

  • toilet
  • kitchen

Queenborough Guildhall can seat up to 30 people.


You’ll need to pay both of the following:

  • a refundable deposit of £50
  • £40 for each session you book