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Collecting for Charity in a Public Place

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You’ll need a permit if you’re going to collect items for a registered charity in a public area, except:

  • inside a shop or pub
  • on private land

If you want to collect in more than one area in Swale, you may need extra permits.

We will only issue up to two permits for each area in one day and each permit lasts up to one month.

There is no charge for a permit.


You’ll need to use a sealed collection box which clearly shows the name of the charity you’re collecting for, along with a consecutive number which identifies each box.

When you’re collecting for charity, you should:

  • stay in one place - you can’t approach people
  • keep at least 25 metres away from another collector

After the collection

Collection boxes must only be opened in the presence of the charity promoter and the money must be counted and entered into a Form of Statement, which includes:

  • the amount you’ve received from each collection box
  • any expenses
  • a list of collectors

You’ll need to return the completed Form of Statement to us within one month of finishing the collection and publish details of the collection in a local paper, including:

  • how much you collected, together with any expenses
  • when and whereabouts the collection took place
  • the name of the charity
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