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We are very sorry to all those affected by are delays to waste, recycling and garden collections as the crews get used to new routes and vehicles. We are working with Suez to improve the situation, and we’re providing updates with latest information.


Cut the contamination

We need to use this new waste service as an opportunity to improve our recycling.

Everything we put in our bins has a value. But if you put the wrong sorts of items in your recycling bin, it causes contamination.

We’ve seen high levels of contamination in the recycling collected from across Swale recently, which has led to entire vehicle loads being discarded, costing us - and you the council tax payer - thousands of pounds as it costs much more to burn the waste.

It’s estimated that each load of recycling that gets rejected due to contamination costs around £2,000. This is unnecessary and could be spent on other key areas for residents.

If your recycling is contaminated, it won't be emptied, and we'll only get it at your next scheduled collection if the contamination has been removed.

What is contamination?

  • materials or items in your blue recycling bin/clear sacks that we can't collect for recycling
  • items that haven't been emptied/rinsed well enough in your blue recycling bin/clear sacks
  • carrier bags or plastic sacks in your blue recycling bin that we can't see through to check what's inside - put recycling loose in the bin instead

You can check where to put your waste and recycling by using our what goes in your bin tool.

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