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RSPCA PawPrints awards

Published Thursday 7 September, 2023
Last updated on Thursday 7 September, 2023

Stray dogs in Swale are in safe hands with the council's Animal Control Officers.

Swale Borough Council has been awarded the platinum PawPrints Award for the stray dog service and the silver award for animal licensing.

RSPCA’s PawPrints awards recognise and promote councils that protect animal welfare.

Following 14 years of consecutive gold awards the council has been upgraded to platinum for the second time.

To receive the award the council had to ensure they promote microchipping, have out of hours services available, undertake public awareness campaigns on responsible pet ownership and offer excellent treatment for sick or injured stray dogs among other criteria.

Swale council has a non-destruction policy and any dogs that aren’t reunited with their owners will stay with the animal control team until a suitable rescue space can be found. The council will only euthanise a dog, as a last resort, if they have severe behavioural or medical issues.

After last year's bronze award for animal licensing, they have now achieved silver reflecting recent improvements in the service.

For this award there needed to be clear policy and procedures for animal licensing, training for licensing officers on socialisation and behavioural needs of dogs and a detailed list of all licensed establishments among other requirements.

Cllr Rich Lehmann, chair of the environment committee at the council, said:

“We are incredibly proud of the team responsible for animal welfare at the council, they are passionate and driven and provide an amazing service for the community.

“Despite recent changes to the service, achieving these awards highlights the incredibly high standard of their work".

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