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Funding set out in the draft budget

Published Tuesday 13 February, 2024
Last updated on Monday 18 March, 2024

There could be increased funding to support local people facing homelessness, and more investment in waste collections and street cleaning, if plans for Swale Borough Council’s budget are approved by councillors later this month.

On Wednesday, 7 February the council’s policy and resources committee agreed draft proposals for the budget, which will be determined at full council on 21 February.

Proposals in the budget include additional funding to meet the increased costs of supporting local people facing homelessness, to provide a new waste contract and to improve street cleaning across the borough.

The proposals would see Swale’s share of council tax rise by £5.76 for a band D property, to £200.70 for the year which is a cost of £3.86 a week for all the council’s services.

Cllr Tim Gibson, leader of the council, said:

“Reduced funding from central Government and the increased costs of providing our services mean we’ve had to work hard to put together a draft budget that tackles the challenges Swale is facing.

“Local people are continuing to struggle with the cost of living, and large numbers are turning to us for help when they’re facing losing their homes.

"The costs of providing temporary accommodation are continuing to rise as private rents increase, which more and more people are struggling to afford.

“We are proposing a realistic increase in funding for our homeless services, so we're not in the situation where cost increases put pressure on other services.

“We’ll also be increasing our spending on recycling and waste collections, along with street cleaning, to improve key services people have told us matter to them.

“We have identified £2.4m of savings to help fund this, and we’ll continue to look for efficiencies and savings wherever possible, whilst investing in key services that deliver real benefit to local people’s lives.

“I do believe that asking for just £3.86 a week from local band D households – although most pay even less than that - is good value for local taxpayers, when you consider the range of services and support we offer.

“That doesn’t mean we will rest on our laurels, and I can assure you we will continue to work hard to provide services for local people, whilst getting the most out of every penny we receive.”

Charges for Swale Borough Council services are only one element of the final council tax bill households receive. In 2023/24, the council tax split for a band D property was:

  • Kent County Council - £1,534.23 (73%)
  • Kent Police and Crime Commissioner - £243.15 (12%)
  • Swale Borough Council £194.94 (9%)
  • Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority - £87.30 (4%)
  • Parish precepts (where applicable) - £34.82 (2%)

The full report on the budget proposals, is available on the council's website.

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