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No trick or treaters poster

Published Wednesday 25 October, 2023
Last updated on Thursday 22 February, 2024

Residents who want to make it clear they are opting out of the Halloween festivities this year can do so thanks to a poster designed by Swale Borough Council.

The council have once again joined up with Kent police, Kent Neighbourhood Watch and Kent Fire and Rescue Service to create a poster that households can use to show they do not want any trick or treaters to visit them this Halloween.

It is easy to use; simply download and print out the poster and place it in a visible location, such as the door or window of your home.

There are many reasons why people may not want to take part, whether it is for religious reasons, you or a loved one are at risk or suffer from poor health or you lack disposable income this year for decorations and sweets. Some residents may also be scared to open the doors to strangers after dark.

We encourage parents to let their children know that if they see this poster, they should leave the house.

Make sure your children are not taking flour or eggs with them, this fun spooky celebration shouldn’t be ruined by any antisocial behaviour.

Cllr Richard Palmer, chair of the Community Committee, said:

“There are many reasons for people not wanting to take part in the Halloween festivities, and it is important for communities to respect those households’ right to do so.

“These posters offer a clear way for residents to show they do not want to take part in trick or treating this year.

“If you or anyone you know wants to sit this year out, just print out the poster and place it on your home and you should have a relaxed Halloween night.

“But it is key that parents tell their children to look out for, and avoid, any homes that have the poster.

“Remember, that while getting ‘treats’ is fun and exciting, please do not ‘trick’ any homes that are not participating, behaviour like throwing eggs and flour can spoil the night for all.

“We want everyone to have a pleasant and enjoyable Halloween evening, whether you are celebrating or not.”

You can download and print the poster from this page.

Poster that reads; Sorry, no trick or treaters. We're not taking part this year so please do not knock on this door. With a pumpkin with a cross through.

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