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Swale's Registered Parks and Gardens

The Historic England 'Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England’ was established in 1983 and identifies over 1,600 sites assessed to be of particular significance.

The emphasis of the Register is on gardens, grounds and other planned open spaces, such as town squares. The majority of sites registered are, or started life as, the grounds of private houses, but public parks and cemeteries form important categories too. Even hospital landscapes and two pumping stations are included, because they have skilfully-planned surroundings reflecting the landscaping fashions of their day. The emphasis of the Register is on 'designed' landscapes, rather than on planting or botanical importance.

The main purpose of the Register is to celebrate designed landscapes of note, and encourage appropriate protection. Registration is a 'material consideration' in the planning process, meaning that local planning authorities must consider the impact of any proposed development on the landscapes' special character

Registered sites are not open to the public unless advertised elsewhere as being so.

For more general information on registered parks and gardens, click here 

Registered Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in Swale

Swale has four areas of designed landscape which are included in Historic England’s ‘Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England’. These are:

NameNational Heritage Entry Listing No.Listing grade
Belmont Park1000293 II
Doddington Place1000398II
Lees Court Park1000388II
Mount Ephraim1000256II

Click on the list entry no. in the table to see the full list description on the Historic England website.

The location of these within Swale Borough is shown on the map below (see separate email with attached PDF image, which I’m happy for you to edit as necessary to work in the space available)

All of the Registered Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in Swale are open to the public at certain times of the year and all of them host large functions (including weddings) and other events. Visitors to this website who wish to find out more about the fine historic environments Swale has to offer might find it of interest to visit one or more of these special places, and you can find out about visiting dates/times and what there is to see, etc. by visiting the individual websites:

Registered Historic Park or Garden NameWebsite address
Belmont Park
Doddington Place
Lees Court Park
Mount Ephraim

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