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Beach Huts

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There are 35 beach huts along Minster Leas on the Isle of Sheppey.

You can rent a beach hut for a year at a time but there is a minimum of a three year rental period.

Paying for your beach hut

You’ll need to pay a fee before you can occupy a beach hut. You’ll need to pay:

  • the market price plus an annual ground rent charge of £530 if you buy one
  • £1,560 per year if you rent one

If it's applicable, we'll apply VAT.

Using your beach hut

You can:

  • occupy your beach hut between 5am and 11pm
  • have your dog in the beach hut with you
  • paint fascias, trims and handrails in white or cream
  • paint the rest of  it, but only in a block colour from the Sadolin Superdec paint range

You can’t:

  • have a BBQ inside your beach hut or on the ground immediately surrounding it
  • display advertising, including advertising boards, posters or pictures

You can download a sample licence agreement if you're intending to:

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