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Housing grants and loans

Swale Borough Council has adopted a Housing Assistance Policy which sets out what assistance the Council is able to provide by way of loans or grants, practical assistance and advice during the year. The Council offers a range of grants every year to eligible householders to carry out repairs or disabled adaptations to their homes. Take a look at our Disabled Facilities Grants video.

Current policy targets assistance towards:

  • Mandatory adaptations for disabled.
  • Repair loans or grants for urgent and essential repairs to persons meeting eligibility criteria.
  • Handyman service to the over 60's on qualifying benefits.
  • Rent deposit scheme for referred private tenants.
  • Energy grants and discounted energy saving products aimed at increasing energy efficiency and conservation in homes.


The rules of eligibility are complex and special conditions can apply. Information on eligibility criteria including grant conditions that apply is contained within the Housing Assistance Policy. If you think you might qualify then please contact us. (Contact details at the top of this page).

Please Note: Any loan or grant cannot be considered if the work has already been carried out.

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