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Get advice for residents and businesses following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, including guidance on making your business COVID-secure.

Local first policy

Central government is committed to passing new powers and freedoms to local councils. We in Swale believe that power should be exercised at the lowest practical level - close to the people who are affected by decisions, rather than distant from them. We want to see a huge shift in power  not just from Whitehall to local councils, but from local councils to communities and individuals. This will help local people and their elected representatives to achieve their own ambitions for their communities. This is the essence of the Big Society.

'Local First' is one way of making the Big Society happen in Swale. Our Local First Policy has been developed to encourage people to think local first, with more localised decision - making, and more people having a say in how services are commissioned. But we also know that our aspirations for the future will not happen overnight  there will be challenges both for the council in managing what will be a significant programme of change, but more so for local communities, through our many town and parish councils and through our hundreds of community and voluntary sector organisations, to become fully prepared to take on these roles.

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