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Assets of Community Value

Bid on land or property

Use this service if you’ve been notified that the landowner wants to dispose of their land or property and you want to bid on it to take over ownership.

You’ll need to bid on it within 6 weeks of us receiving notice from the owner that they want to sell.

To bid on the land or property, you’ll need to email You’ll need to include:

  • the address of the land or property you’re bidding on
  • the name or your group
  • the number of members of the group

What happens next

Once we’ve received your bid, we’ll tell the landowner. The landowner may contact you to discuss the disposal.

If you don’t agree the disposal with the landowner within 6 months of the landowner telling us they want to dispose of the land or property, they will be free to dispose of it to whoever they choose.

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