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Ask the Leader

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The leader or Swale Borough Council, Councillor Roger Truelove.

The leader of Swale Borough Council, Councillor Roger Truelove

'Ask the Leader' is a new facility, where you can ask the Leader of the Council, Councillor Roger Truelove, a question relating to the general business of the Council that is likely to be of interest to a wide number of residents or visitors to the area.

"Here you can ask me a question about any matter and I will respond. I will deal personally with every question submitted. I will try my best to reply to your query within 10 working days of receipt and I will send you a personal reply by email".

"I am committed to staying in touch with the views of local people and visitors and I am hoping that this new facility will enable me to do just that. I look forward to receiving your views.

If you have a question but not for me then our Customer Service Centre can help (contact details found at the top of this page).

If you have found an error or fault on the website, or wish to feedback or complain then our 'Contact Us' web page will provide you with details of who to contact."

Asking me a question is a 3 Step process:

  1. Check your question has not already been answered in the 'Ask the Leader Questions and Answers'.
  2. Read 'Things to consider before asking the Leader a question'.
  3. Ask the question.