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Council Publications

Publications under 'Council'

Annual Report

The Annual Report showcases many of the ways that we're working to make Swale a better place for everyone.

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan sets out how we'll allocate the resources we have to help deliver our priorities.

Inside Swale

Inside Swale is our resident magazine, bringing together information and articles about our campaigns and activities taken place across Swale.

Peer Review

Peer review assesses of the quality of our overall governance systems and how well we serve the residents of Swale.

Realising Ambitions for Swale

Realising our Ambitions for Swale sets out the Locality Board's shared long-term priorities, along with the key actions that will shape our joint working between now and 2015.

Revenue Budget and Capital Programme

The Revenue, Budget and Capital Programme sets a budget for our day to day expenditure, prior to the next financial year.

Statement of Accounts

Information about the Council's finances including the cost of services and how they're paid for.


The Council's cemetery regulations are intended to ensure that the cemeteries are maintained to a safe and high standard for the benefit of those who visit and work within them.


Information about our commitment to treat everyone with an equal level of respect and provide equal access to our services and facilities.

National Fraud Initiative

Information about the way we protect the public funds we're responsible for, including fraud prevention.