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Statement of Accounts

The purpose of the Statement of Accounts is to give electors, local taxpayers, members of the Council and other interested parties clear information about the Council's finances.

The statement summarises:

  • the cost of services provided by us in the year
  • how services were paid for
  • our assets and liabilities at the year end

The format of the accounts is prescribed by the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom.

Statement of Accounts - your rights

A guide to your rights can be found on the National Audit Office website.

Annual Financial Report

You can download the:

The fully audited accounts for previous years can be found below.

Audit of Accounts Ended 31 March 2023

The accounts for the year ended 31 March 2023 have now been audited, but the audit report on the Council’s arrangements for securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources has not yet been completed.  This will be completed to a later timescale and should be complete by February 2024.

The statement of accounts for the year ended 31 March 2023, along with the audit findings report for 2022/23 can be accessed using the links above.

Lisa Fillery

Director of Resources

Previous year's accounts

Accounts for 2021/22

Accounts for 2020/21

Accounts for 2019/20

Accounts for 2018/19

Accounts for 2017/18

Accounts for 2016/17

Accounts for 2015/16

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