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We are very sorry to all those affected by delays to waste, recycling and garden collections as the crews get used to new routes and vehicles. Please report any missed collections within two days so we can work with Suez to improve the service.

Your Services

The Council Tax bills issued for the financial year 2024 to 2025 have been sent with an incorrect percentage increase for the Kent County Council main precept.

The percentage increase is 3% not 3.5% as stated on the bills. The amount of Council Tax stated is correct.

Please accept our apologies.

How your Council Tax helps pay for the services we provide.

Swale Borough Council, Kent County Council, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner and Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority, together deliver most of the local services in your area. The Council Tax you pay is collected by us on behalf of these authorities. The total amount is then divided between them. Each year we are able to decide if our share of Council Tax charged is increased.

The Council Tax you pay goes to the following:

  • KCC = 73%
  • Kent Police = 12%
  • SBC = 9%
  • Kent Fire = 4%
  • Parishes = 2%

This year each authority increased their portion of Council Tax by:

  • KCC = 3.0%
  • KCC Adult Social Care = 2.0%
  • SBC = 3.0%
  • Kent Police = 5.3%
  • Kent Fire = 3.0%

If you live in an area with a parish council the amount they charge may have increased.

Want to find out how to pay your Council Tax, see our ways to pay page or pay your Council Tax online.

For more information about changes to your Council Tax's contribution to:

View 'Your services - Council Tax 2022/23'

Download the 'Your services' - Council Tax document (PDF 3.4Mb).

View 'Your Services - Council Tax 2023/24'

2023/24 copy of Your Services

Download the 'Your Services' - Council Tax document for the period 2023 to 2024 (PDF 961KB).

View 'Your Services - Council Tax 2024/25'

Download the 'Your Services' - Council Tax document for period 2024 to 2025 (PDF 1.52MB).

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