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Request a Memorial Bench

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  1. Before you apply
  2. Apply
  3. Pay
  4. Send us a plaque

Before you apply

You can request a memorial bench in certain seafront locations.

To request a bench, you’ll need to email our seafront officer and pay a fee. There may also be a fee if a base has to be constructed for the bench.

The benches we use are made from recycled plastic.

We may remove the bench to carry out maintenance, including work to the bench itself.


If you want a plaque added to the bench, you will need to supply it to us.

If your plaque is appropriate and it doesn’t contain any offensive messages or copyrighted material, we will add it to the bench.


You’ll need to pay £1,170 for a bench. You may also need to pay £1,464 if a base has to be constructed for it.

Your responsibilities

You must:

  • only have one bunch of flowers on the bench at a time and regularly remove any dead ones
  • not add additional items to the bench, like extra plaques
  • not attempt to repair the bench

If you use a vase for flowers, it must be attached to the back of the bench.

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