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Search the local land charges register

The local land charges register lists things like restrictions, debts or prohibitions on a piece of land or a property.

Your solicitor will usually search the land charges register if you buy a property or land but you can request a search yourself.

There are two types of search:

  • official search, sometimes known as a standard search or local authority search
  • personal search

We guarantee the accuracy of an official search but not a personal one.

You can perform a personal search for free using our online mapping system. If you need an official search or an enhanced personal search, you may need to pay a fee.

Official and enhanced personal searches

To perform an official search or an enhanced personal search, you’ll need to complete a form and pay a fee.

Your solicitor will have the appropriate forms but they’re also available from the Law Society’s website.

There are different forms, depending on the type of search you’re going to do and the questions you’re going to ask.


You can pay online for an:

You’ll need to pay:

  • £42 for questions from the  LLC1 form
  • £12 LLC1 - additional parcel of land
  • £123 for questions from the CON29 form
  • £21 CON29 - additional parcel of land
  • £15.60 each for CON29 - optional questions 4 to 21
  • £30 for CON29 optional question 22
  • £23.40 each for CON29 - additional questions