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Search the local land charges register

The local land charges register lists things like restrictions, debts or prohibitions on a piece of land or a property.

Your solicitor will usually search the land charges register if you buy a property or land but you can request a search yourself.

There are two types of search:

  • official search, sometimes known as a standard search or local authority search
  • personal search

We guarantee the accuracy of an official search but not a personal one.

You can perform a personal search for free using our online mapping system. If you need an official search, you may need to pay a fee.

Official searches

To perform an official search search, you’ll need to complete a form and pay a fee.

Your solicitor will have the appropriate forms but they’re also available from the Law Society’s website.


You can pay online for an:

You’ll need to pay:

  • £15 for questions from the  LLC1 form
  • £4.80 LLC1 - additional parcel of land
  • £172.20 for questions from the CON29 form
  • £25.20 CON29 - additional parcel of land
  • £17 each for CON29 - optional questions 4 to 21
  • £31.50 for CON29 optional question 22
  • £23.95 each for CON29 - additional questions

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