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Apply for a Temporary Use Notice

Apply and pay

You can apply for a Temporary Use Notice if you’re going to carry on one or more prescribed activities, provide you:

  • already have an operating licence which allows you to carry out the activities
  • you’re not going to carry out the activities for more than 21 days within any 12 month period

You’ll need to apply for a Temporary Use Notice no later than three months before you want to carry out the activities.

To apply for Temporary Use Notice, you’ll need:

  • to email our Licensing team at, including a description of the activities and the date you want to carry them out
  • pay £500 online

Once you’ve emailed our Licensing team, you’ll need to inform the Gambling Commission, Kent Police and Her Majesty’s Commissioners of Customs and Excise of your application within seven days.

What happens next

Once we’ve received your email, we’ll run a consultation.

If there are no objections to your request, we’ll endorse your notice within 14 days, unless there are any outstanding objections.

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