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Entertainment Licensing

Apply and pay

To apply for a premises licence, you’ll need to complete an application and pay a fee.

The fee you’ll pay will depend on the rateable value of the premises you’re applying for.

You’ll need to visit GOV.UK to apply and pay for a premises licence. You’ll need:

  • a plan of the premises, drawn to 1:100 scale (external areas drawn to 1:500 scale)
  • a description of the licensable activities you’re going to provide
  • the times you’re open to the public
  • to know whether you’re going to supply alcohol for consumption on, off or on and off the premises
  • a description of the steps you’re going to take to promote the licensing objectives

What happens next

Once you’ve applied for a premises licence:

  • you may need to advertise within the area that will be affected by your licence so people can comment
  • we will hold a public consultation before making a  decision about your application

If we receive objections to your application, we may hold a hearing.

We may make arrangements to visit your premises before we make a decision about your application.

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